9 Perverse fetishes that are sexual Love: Profanatica’s Paul Ledney

9 Perverse fetishes that are sexual Love: Profanatica’s Paul Ledney

While a lot of extreme steel bands shy far from intercourse and sex, Connecticut’s Profanatica have constantly plunged by by by themselves headfirst into total perversion. The grinding blackened death trio aren’t quite happy with topics like mere physical violence or blasphemy, and alternatively have traditionally celebrated the feverish, dripping spasms regarding the human anatomy in temperature. From sporting erect cherubs on their robes to releasing records with games like Thy Kingdom Cum and Altar of this Virgin Whore, Profanatica will usually lead the underground that is musical the vinegary nether regions of hell.

But performing about filth is certainly one thing — rolling around with it is another totally. Therefore to be sure Profanatica aren’t simply blowing hot smoke from their turgid users, Kerrang! Contacted multi-instrumentalist frontman Paul Ledney to learn just exactly what perverse intimate practices he discovers probably the most erotic. After obtaining a help that is little their spouse (their terms, perhaps maybe maybe not ours), he came back as to what was much more disgusting and arousing than such a thing we’re able to have thought.

Listed below are Profanatica’s nine favorite perverse fetishes that are sexual…


“ fired up by an individual who is dirty and decayed, ” says Paul of their #1 perverse sexual fetish. The singer and drummer is quick to point out that he’s more inclined towards the soiling of clothing than actual human flesh: “Could also include a dirty shirt, panties or a towel though the obvious implication made by this description might be necrophilia. We choose all three. ” Somehow, the towel may be the worst.


The wider concept of menophilia is arousal due to the feminine cycle that is menstrual. For Paul, however, there was a particular part of the fetish which he finds erotic: a “woman by having a dirty pad. Continue reading “9 Perverse fetishes that are sexual Love: Profanatica’s Paul Ledney”